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Scope of Medical Tourism in Canada

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Physical Presence — We have our own office set up in Toronto GTA which is located in Mississauga, and one of our separate sister concern company which is located in British Columbia and our other associate

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The scope of medical tourism in Canada and North America is huge is one of the fastest growing industry. There are various factors pushing:

  • Canadian people overseas for medical treatment:
  • Canada can have long waiting lists,
  • High expenses for procedures that are not fully covered by provincial health care plans, and it lacks many experimental treatments.

These are the reason people are interested in traveling outside their home country for treatments or surgeries, otherwise known as medical tourists/tourism. These travelers can seek out a variety of treatments abroad – everything from dental work to plastic surgery, Hair Transplant Treatment, Sinus (Snoring) and Diabetic surgery.

A 2017 study from the Fraser Institute shows that 2016 marked a sharp increase in Canadians leaving the country for medical care. Where in 2015, nearly 46,000 Canadians were medical tourists, the number rose to 64,000 in 2016.

As per Fraser Institute the top 3 provinces from where the highest number of patients traveled abroad for treatment are:


26,513 patients

British Columbia

15,372 patients


9,067 patients


26,700 patients (International Tourism)


We should create a Canadian branch of your company.

As an official Canadian representative of your company, our task here will be:


  1. To personally visit in all Dental Clinics and Private Small Clinics in Toronto GTA, Province of Ontario, Montreal and province of Quebec.


  1. We present them your company’s ready-made or customized package which they can market to their own demography and circulate to their database.


  1. Marketing of your company in Canada through digital marketing, radio, print and media.


  1. Promote and represent your company at all Travel Trade fairs, Exhibition Tourism Shows and conferences. There are few shows in tourism in Quebec and Toronto GTA. We will participate in these shows as Exhibitors not visitors, our main agenda in these tourism shows will be to meet more people to spread the awareness and presence of your company, products and services, and also explain the benefits as well as substantial cost savings.


  1. Marketing Budget — In the upcoming international tourism shows where we will participate as exhibitors, setting up the stall/booth, the cost will be approx. $15000 USD. The marketing  expenses in Canada and North America through digital marketing, print and media is approx. $25,000 USD.
  2. Brochures Distribution — Hard copies of printed brochures and information packages/material to share with Dental Clinics, Eye Clinics, Cosmetic Surgeon, Sinus (Snoring) and Hair Treatment.
  3. Hire 2 – 3 employees who can speak French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Indian Languages.


  1. Avoiding Wait Times: The main benefit for Canadians of receiving treatment or having surgical procedures done abroad is to avoid the lengthy wait times in Canada for certain procedures. if a customer is cannot get the treatment or procedure they need in Canada, or have to wait for months, even years, then paying for the services in the U.S or elsewhere can make sense.


  1. Cost Savings: While cost savings aren’t applicable in most cases,there are two main areas where company can save significantly by having medical procedures performed abroad — dental work and elective procedures/treatments that are not covered by provincial health care plans.


  1. Convenience: If you know you are going to have to cross the border at some point to have an MRI or other medical test done in a border city like Buffalo or Detriot, it can be much more convenient to have yourtest done in your winter destination instead. Turkish airline will provide some 25% discount on each booking, and this benefit goes to the customer.


  1. Treatment Access: In some cases, certain medical treatments and procedures are not available in Canada and must be sought abroad.

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What Types Of Procedures Are Most Commonly Sought Abroad?​

Dental Work


Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Implant

Hair Treatment

Plastic Surgery

Sinus Snooring

Diabetic Treatment etc.

What Are The Most Popular Medical Tourism Destinations?

There are several countries that are known for medical tourism around the world, including the  U.K, U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Israel,Singapore, Malaysia, India, Turkey and Brazil. The U.S., Mexico, Costa

Rica and other central and south American countries are the most likely destinations for medical tourism.


The medical industry in the U.S. is highly competitive and it is important  to shop around for saving money for having various procedures and surgeries done. It is also common for Canadians to get

MRls done in the U.S. as it is so much faster.


Dental procedures can often be cheaper abroad than in Canada and America – but again, it is competitive so we need to compare and offer best pricing. Mexico and Cuba are most popular for such procedures.

How To Reduce Risk And Complications For Our Patient Clients?

In addition to the benefits, there are also potential risks that patients should consider before choosing to have medical procedures done in another country.

  1. Quality of Care: If patients are considering treatment abroad, it’s important to make sure that the facility, its doctors and staff have a good reputation, track record and training. While many Canadians have positive medical tourism experiences, some have had nightmare experiences, often due to inferior care.
  2. Post-Treatment Follow Up & Complications: As with any medical procedure, there can be post­ procedure follow up requirements or complications. Understanding who will handle patients post procedure care and how it will be handled is even more important when having treatment abroad.
  3. Costs: In addition to the actual cost of the medical treatment or procedure, there can be other costs associated with medical tourism,including travelling, living expenses, accommodations, etc. Patients
  4. will want to understand what these are first and factor them into their decision.
  5. Travel Insurance Coverage: This is an important one! Any travel medical insurance patients have is for unexpected emergency medical care only and will not cover the costs of any medical procedures they
  6. choose to have abroad. Nor will it cover any complications or conditions that arise from these procedures.