VIP 1J Express

  • Dallah Taibah Hotel adjacent to the Haram in Medina
  • Hilton Convention facing the Haram in Makkah

➢ Tentative departure from TORONTO July 24th, 2020
➢ Tentative departure from Saudi Arabia August 5th/6th, 2020

Hajj 2020 Sold Out Status! 35%


1J Express Hajj 2020 Package
CAD$ 19,599
  • Taxes Included


1J Express Hajj 2020 Package
CAD$ 17,599
  • Taxes Included


1J Express Hajj 2020 Package
CAD$ 15,599
  • Taxes Included

Schedule & Details

MEDINA FIRST (July 24st Toronto Return From Jeddah 5/6th August, 2020)
➢ Accommodation: Dallah Taibah Hotel (5-Star) at the Haram boundary.
➢ Food: Breakfast and Dinner open buffet will be served at the Hotel.

MAKKAH SECOND (July 29th – Aug.5th/6th) (8 – 15/16ZH)
➢ Travel: From Medina to Makkah on July 29th (8ZH).
➢ Accommodation: Hilton Convention Hotel (5-Stars) at the Haram boundary.
➢ Food: Breakfast and Dinner open buffet served at the hotel (not during Manasek).
➢ Travel: During your last day at Makkah, August 4th (14ZH), perform Tawaf Alwidah and take private bus to Jeddah Airport for your flight back to the Canada. You will spend one night at Jeddah.

➢ Travel: July 29th (8ZH) in the evening, after you have completed your Umrah and had dinner at the hotel you will be transported to the Upgraded Premium Mena Camp, close to Jamarat.
➢ Accommodation: Hotel rooms are available for you during the Manasek. Bus will be available for transfer between Makkah and Mena during Manasek.
➢ Accommodation at Mena: “Adam Travel Compound” in private upgraded air-conditioned tents.
➢ Food at Mena: Daily open buffet service at Mena during your stay at the camp.
➢ Accommodation at Arafat: “Private Adam Travel Compound”. Upgraded air-conditioned tents are provided.
➢ Food at Arafat: Food and drinks will be served during the day.

Additional Services
➢ Muslim Scholar will accompany the group
➢ Visit to historic sites at Medina

Hajj package does not include:
➢ Hajj Service fees to the Unified Offices and Visa processing (about $700 cost, final price will be confirmed by your travel agent pending changes by Saudi Government).
➢ Cost of zabiha/sacrifice (about $250)
➢ Any additional charges related to stopover to other destinations other than Saudi Arabia

Cautionary Notes:
➢ Trip dates subject to change due to Hajj ministry rules, airline policy or local delays within Saudi
➢ During the Hajj season, Hotel Management at Makkah and Medina, reconfigure the bed layout and the bed sizes in the hotel rooms to accommodate the large number of pilgrims. So, in some cases the floor space may be tighter than what is shown on the hotel website.


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